Black American Horror Movie

The Black man was kidnapped and brought to a foreign land to be changed into nothing more than a farmer’s beast. The Black man fought chains and nooses to make sure his children got loose. However 400yrs of uphill fighting and fussing, dying and discussion took its toll on the Black man. The once mighty King crushed under economic and social oppression… Breaks. You see him on the news almost everyday. His Queen once by his side, has now died. His kids that once ran to his face now run from his demonic space. The police come to get him and if he lives, There is peace in America because they have recaptured another beast.

Black Male Mental illness is real. I have been doing a lot of reading not only to help myself through this journey of Divorce and to help other dudes I may run into. I Recently participated in The Detroit Chapter of National Association of Black Journalists Black Male Media event and Black Male Mental illness was the topic. That Saturday inspired me to help further make a difference. In an upcoming blog, I am going to tell you about a book sent to me by a childhood friend, meeting the author at the event, and how this book can really help us just get the frustration out. This book is what we need right now!

I think it’s time the Black American Horror story has a different ending. Where the Black man keeps his head and the Black family lives. It’s time we have real conversations before things get real.

Kelly Greene

The Rogue Negro



Lady… I come thirsty

The world is hungry

The Beast sees us as his feast

And my fight has left me dry

Kiss me on my chest

Feel me on your breasts

Lubricate my thoughts broaden my mind

Oil my blade as we lay intertwined

I’ll be your engine if you be the fuel

I am overheating from this Worlds beating

Be…. My…. Cool

Allow me Lady to….


Kelly Greene

The Rogue Negro