Love Is


Love is a strong word. Probably the strongest of words. Don’t believe me, ask John the Baptist. A king loved his wife so much that she asked for poor John’s head and the king did not hesitate to provide her with it. YIKES! Marc Anthony and Cleopatra so loved each other that they allowed their countries to go to war with each other before killing themselves. Double YIKES! On the other hand, God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son for the forgiveness of sins. The greatest example of love of all time. Life however, has given me some unique perspectives. Today, I am going to share some of those with you.

Love is all-inclusive. Nothing and No One is immune. Everything is subject to the effects of love. Even the way you brush your teeth is subject to change upon the way you feel about the person you just spent 3 hours sharing a movie with. Your job gets easier the closer it gets to quitting time cause you are a little closer to that person of great interest! You jump on the freeway rushing to get to that person only get the attention of your local police. Love got you a ticket.

Love is absolutely blind. Ray Charles blind! If you put your love in the surface of a person, it will leave you there. What you see is the outside and love has nothing to do with that. Love takes time to create. No such thing as ”Love at first sight”. Everything you see can be replaced. True love is irreplaceable.

Love is whatever you put into it. Put nothing into it, get nothing out. Put everything into it and the possibilities are endless. Love is the only thing in life where return on investment is immediate and bountiful. There is a possibility where you can lose a lot when love is misplaced. Don’t worry, Whatever you lose, Love will reimburse you 100% with experience!

Love is above all amazing! Especially if you’re married. You’ve moved from relationship to relationship searching for what you have now. You took the vows that means love has firmly established itself in your life in the form of your mate. BE WARNED!!!! Love will test you often at this point. Why? Cause love is constant work. Some folks need reminding of the commitment love requires. If they are not up to it and the love is no longer binding, don’t worry.

Love is out there somewhere waiting for you!

I am living proof. At a time when the most painful lesson of love left me with doubts and without money, Love showed up and gave me every reason to believe in it again. I needed to learn one last lesson. Love is… Unpredictable!

For Dana

Kelly Greene

The Rouge Negro



Dear MI State Rep Johnson,

I have thought long and careful about the words I will unravel today as the reason behind them is far from settled.

I was there the day you were sworn in and witnessed you take an oath to serve the district that elected you with honor, dignity, and pride. Today, I have very and every reason to hold you in contempt of that oath. I fully understand that my craft as a writer comes with many pitfalls and obstacles, but none should come at the hands of those elected to protect my rights to do so!

The reason is the letter you sent out to your Precinct Delegates on January 18, 2019 was not of your own work or that of your staff writer, but of mine! You assigned your then Community Liaison, Ms. Henrietta Ivey to coordinate your Precinct Delegate Appreciation Day on March 1, 2019 She enlisted my assistance in writing the memo. I agreed and was informed that it was turned down. Then to my surprise, Ms Ivey shows me a copy of the memo, slightly altered and complete with official State letterhead none the less. The memo itself was only a first draft itself and I had not yet signed off on. To further confound the issue, Ms. Ivey informed me that she was fired after multiple inquiries of the letter’s origin. Must something so simple as a superbly written letter be enough for you to compromise your principles? How can you stand up for social justice when you gladly engage in selfish injustice? How can we be certain more illustrious prizes haven’t swayed your principles already?

“I am an artist, and I am sensitive about my Shit!” – Erykah Badu

Yes, I called you out publicly. As a voter grieved by your actions, I have a right to! I never tried to “Embezzle” you as you told everyone I tried to do on your “Stand Up with Cynthia” Show (I still have the clip. I can play it for you anytime you like). Never once did I threaten you as you claimed on the false police report you filed. Why should an innocent man have to go to a police station, and give a statement, when his only crime is holding an elected official accountable for their deeds in his community? The only thing I threatened you with is the Truth and if the truth is not your ally in service to your district, then you must resign!

I must ask…. Is this an example of your attitude towards writers and artist on the rise in your district? Are you truly this apathetic to Detroit Artists? The Detroit Artist is one of the most hardworking artist in the world. Many thought we would die when Motown left. Many left after most lost their day jobs in 2008. Those that stayed gutted it out to add to the flavor that is Detroit culture today. Most of us, if not all of us, would rather be excellent and prosperous in our crafts instead of laboring at 9 to 5. We make huge sacrifices for each opportunity we get so when you plagiarize one of us, you steal from us. I say us because we elect people to make sure the rights to our work are protected. You have shown that you have no such interest in protecting the rights of Detroit Artists.

I want to take this time to acknowledge Ms. Henrietta Ivey. In her role as Community Liaison, she exemplified what it means to truly serve the community. She reached into the community for talent, gave it an opportunity, and defended it. It is her dedication to service and fighting for the rights of others that lead to her being chosen to speak at the Democratic National Convention. I find it reprehensible that you continue to defame her character for choosing to call my attention to your plagiarism and not side with your outrageous conduct. I can say with certainty, Henrietta Ivey was the only one who kept her oath that day at the SEIU.

It saddens me that in one of the most chaotic times in our history where competent and trustworthy leadership is needed, you have displayed neither. If Selfies with important people and your title mean more to you than the work you do for the people, then you must quit.

There will be no further contact between us unless it is for legal or administrative purposes should your actions in this situation warrant an investigation.

In Peace and Power,

Kelly Greene

Any agency or press interested in my claims including all related materials may send a request by email to