An Urban Fairy Tale

Inspired by the song “She” by Christian Scott

The Afro-Titan returned to his mountain after a long, hard fought war. He was victorious yet his Kingdom payed a heavy price. He proceeded to the throne room with his Ceremonial Herb to smoke and Ancient Nectar to drink. He threw himself into his throne and yelled “QUEEN COME!”. His mighty voice echoed but there was no answer. This time he stood up, snatched off his battle worn shirt and yelled “QUEEN COME!”.

Still no answer. Only his ruined Kingdom off in the distance. The vision wounded his once proud heart. He turned to the Queen’s throne. It too was in ruin. This shattered that heart. He stared at the shambled throne and his eyes glowed with power. Afro-Titan took a drink from the Ancient Nectar and poured the rest on the Queen’s throne. The Titan took 2 puffs from the Ceremonial Herb. He then lightly blew on the lit end until a bright glow and threw it on the throne soaked in Ancient Nectar. A bright orange blaze arose from the throne. Afro-Titan clapped his hands and the orange flame became electric blue! Energy consumed his hands.

This was it! Afro-Titan Summoned all his Soul Power and slammed his right hand on the blue flaming throne! The Impact broke the very pedestal the throne sat on! The shock wave was felt throughout the land! He then plunged his mighty hands into the destruction he caused and began supernatural work! The power and speed in which his hands worked surpassed anything he had ever done. Blood began to poor from worn hands which he only used to smooth out imperfections in his task. Some he poured into base. The passage of time meant nothing to him.

Afro-Titan now stood in front of a brand new throne. It bore the etchings of his life and the desires of his heart. He was pleased! However, There was a problem! Afro-Titan became weak. He had no breath to summon a Queen. His legs became weak and he had to catch himself on the new throne. He was spent. The tenacious Titan lost too much blood from his hands. Sweat poured from his body as morning dew. The key to his immortality, his Soul Power flickered in his body. Afro-Titan became weaker. He collapsed in front of the most elegant and powerful throne ever built for a Queen. Our Titan was near joining the ancestors. His life for this throne worthy of a Titan’s Queen was an acceptable sacrifice. Before Afro-Titan closed his eyes for what he thought would be the final time, he beheld an unfamiliar figure.

Still very weak but startled. He opened his eyes wide. Is this death coming to claim him? The Titan wondered. The figure came closer and revealed itself to be a woman. Dark of hue as the Titan. Long hair in locs with vibrant color tips. She was beauty incarnate and her body built by the gods. No mortal woman matched her. Afro-Titan’s soul once again began to slip further from from existence. The woman knelt down and cradled his head into her lap. She looked down at him with a smile and said “I know your name but I will never say it. It’s written on my heart.” She then removed her loose fitting top and exposed her breasts. Large and beautiful as the hills in his father’s homelands. She nudged the Titan’s head towards one of her breasts.

“Drink my Titan, regain your strength. I am your nourishment.” Her words obeyed and Afro-Titan began her nipple into his mouth and her rich, powerful milk began to fill his mouth. Almost instantly, he felt his body regaining itself. The woman then slid her other arm under the still weak Titan and carried him to his bed! No Woman could do this! This one woman.. Her form … Immortal. Her pedigree…. QUEEN!

She stood on the Balcony as the Titan recovered looking out over his kingdom. Afro-Titan rose slighty to behold the beauty on his balcony. She turned to him and approached the bed while untying a string which released the skirt she was wearing. Our Titan did not move. She crept halfway up his body to admire his legs. However her goal was between them. Caressing his penis, she felt his drive, ambition, his strength, his future. She straddled him and inserted those things into herself. She bit her lip, bowed her head, and began to slowly rock. His Soul Power has that fire her soul sought after. She allowed herself to enjoy it. His head slowly rocked back. Her power and will were at hand and he was consumed. Circular motions of her hips caused Afro-Titan to lose himself in her. Each sway of her hips molded the Titans soul. Sensing the throbbing in his soul, She knew it wouldn’t be long.

With her left hand, she dug her nails into his chest. With her right hand, she firmly grabbed to back of his head. Afro-Titan began to moan and curse as tremors of pleasure waved trough his body. The movement in her hips starts to take short unholy turns with a few wide ones to grind her magic into him. With a loud roar, Afro-Titan succumbs to the tremors in his body and his Soul Power erupts inside her. His power surge triggers one inside her and the Titan is baptized in her juices. He is reborn between her thighs. She slides her hands on either sides of his head and presses her forehead against his and kisses it. She then kisses his lips. From there she drags her nose across both of his cheeks and whispers. “You are whole again my Love.” He looks up at her. She smiles that intimate smile. No man knows what goes through a woman”s mind at this time. Men just enjoy the smile that could mean 1000 things. The Titan was no different. It was then, he pronounced her…. QUEEN!

Afro-Titan’s mind snapped back to his ravaged kingdom, His offering to his new Queen. He tried to sit up to address this with his new Queen. ” My Queen, Our Kingdom, I have…”. She placed a finger over his lips to prevent him from finishing his thought. She looked down at his chest then back into his eyes. “Your Kingdom is a result of you fighting alone.” The Queen said with a smirk. The Queen drew closet to The Titan’s face looking him right the eye and without blinking made this decree..”I am a Queen. I allow no Titan of mine to go to battle without me by his side!” Afro-Titan nodded and it became law.

The satisfied Queen cuddled to her Titan’s side in the bed. He enveloped her in his arms. His Queen protected high atop his mountain. ‘Sleep my Titan.” She whispers. “When we rise, we rebuild our Kingdom”. Afro-Titan closes his eyes

The End

Kelly Greene

The Rogue Negro


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