So lets tackle the elephant in my life. I wasn’t planning to but it was odd to say the least. So let me tell you about the day my Divorce was finalized.  The Beginning of everything.

On June 1st of this year I found myself hurling through the atmosphere at a speed I cant fathom because it was all a blur to me. People I come across in conversation say the sky rumbled, lightning flashed, and this cloud spit something out. The blur was rudely and suddenly interrupted by the thud of my body impacting earth. The blur changed from bright light to brown. My body created quite the streak across a field in the middle of somewhere. My whereabouts unknown to me.

I wasn’t  there long before an old black man’s face appeared over my head.  He began to speak:

“Hey, Young Man!…. You Alive?”

I hesitated. Even though I was in a total state of pain, I could feel nothing was broken. The old man lower his hand to help me up. His long, white dreds partially covered his face. I rose from my resting place and gazed back over my landing. The Old Man stood beside me and chuckled. He began to pat down my clothes and knock the clumps of soil from my shoulders.

“I ain’t seen nothing like that since the Devil was cast out of Heaven!”  Said the The Old Man, still chuckling; amusing himself. He started pointing his finger in the opposite direction to trace the Devil’s fall. I looked in that direction as he told his tale. ” He came down over there! There was a thick patch of trees over there . The Devil split them! Spun into a rock that used to be over yonder. Shattered that! Smacked into a cliff down the hill there before sliding down into Hell.”

His tale was entertaining enough to take the edge off my aches and pains but I still had no direction. He grabbed both my wrists like a referee would in boxing match if a boxer had been knocked down. He asked me three questions while shaking my wrists vigorously. I guess I had been knocked down. He Said ” Can you breathe? Can you think? Do your hands work?”. I answered “Yes” immediately to all three. He let go of my wrists and raised his hands. Then he proclaimed “You are at the Beginning of Everything!”

He pointed back to the streak of destruction I left when I hit reality and said “All of your shit is there but I’d leave that old shit there!” I looked over there to see if I could recognize anything I might need and then turned back to the Old Man. Gone! Like a fart in the wind without a trace. All I had left of him was his three questions: Can I breathe? Can I think? Do my hands work? The answer: Yes to all three. Therefore, I am at the Beginning of Everything. Can you breathe? Can you think? Do your hands work? Yes? Then what are you at the beginning of?


Kelly Greene  The Rogue Negro


I stayed gone too long. Too far into disbelief in our new President. Too deep into the changes that were happening in my life. Too consumed with the evolution of my surroundings. However, I was learning, becoming that which my art calls me to be.

Sit down, gather round, and let me unravel my pedigree.

Let me serve Wisdom and Philosophy with all Honesty. Let’s enrich our minds and fill our souls. Somewhere in our rational minds we will find the solution to the madness that causes sadness. Forward thinking words and thoughts to help stop our community from sinking. Let these pages find willing eyes that help uplift my people’s pride.

The Godfather of Soul has passed and the Queen of Soul just recently. The mantle of Soul tumbling through the universe looking for its people to reclaim it. We have to be Superbad  and demand R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  WE got SOUL!!! And Here is where I write it. Welcome to Soulful Pages!


— Kelly Greene the Rogue Negro